Forest Beekeeping Supply – Beekeeping Veil With Round Hat and Pull-down Combo For Protection During Hive Maintenance

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Premium quality One Size Fit All beekeeping veil from Forest Beekeeping Supply. The light weight cotton Fabric with Polyester mesh provides complete protection against angry bee stings. If you've ever worn a veil and just needed to grab a drink or brush the sweat out of your eyes, this veil is just what you've been looking for. Simply pull your veil over the brim of your hat or helmet for easy access - no more unzipping multiple zippers! Mesh allows for ventilation and protection Easy to pull down over the brim of your hat or helmet, No more messing with multiple zippers! Hand wash cold, line dry, Secure the veil under your arms and across your chest with two long durable polyester cords. The built-in hat does not require a separate helmet. Beekeeping Jacket is Sold Separately.